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Author of Award-Winning Originals, Hot off the press! Russell Bailey is the Pseudonym for the movie, Shake Them Hate Off, Volume 1 and Volume 2. Who always trust the process. I was down for a minute but knew the comeback was always more substantial than the setback. He’s a writer of 50 books. Also, the CEO of Shake Them Haters/ A Custom Shoe Concept by Russell Bailey.

Shake Them Haters is a unique limited edition custom shoe concept Designed by Russell Bailey. Elegant biker boot, completely custom Made in Italy. A designer of 12 pairs of Shoes.


Shake Them Haters Off

One Day-One Word-One Thought At A Time

Shake Them Haters Off, written by Russell Bailey, is a compilation of identifying influences of a Hater. His books give the readers straightforward and simplistic ways to illuminate and make the right decisions to overcome the roadblocks that a Hater will disguise to trip you up. A Hater could come in the form of a family member. But, instead of support and encouragement, they send negativity and harsh, belittling criticism. Or a friend who should be your cheerleader as you are to them. Rather, are your most prominent critics who celebrate and applaud when things don’t go well. And will go out of their way to ensure everyone...